Sustainable fish is at the heart of our whole operation. It’s all about being responsible so that not only can you, our current customers enjoy amazing produce but, our future generations can too. Our cod and haddock come from the cold icy waters of the North Atlantic, mainly around Norway and Iceland. Here the fishing areas are carefully monitored and managed by fishermen, scientists and organisations such as Seafish, MSC and MCS to ensure sustainability.


We are very fortunate in the UK to have such a fantastic potato crop and some of the best farmers in the world to help us offer our award winning chips. Whether we are purchasing from Cheshire, Lincolnshire or Cambridgeshire we can guarantee only the best for you. Our potatoes go through rigorous testing and we conduct various scientific steps to ensure consistent great tasting chips time after time. We have a dedicated glass potato preparation room in our shop so you can come in and watch the whole process from unclean, soil covered spuds to chips ready to fry. Its a must see!

All you need to do is worry about salt, vinegar and what sauce to have!


Portioning our food is so important, we put so much effort into our sourcing and cooking that to not serve our food in the best packaging available would be an injustice. We also want to ensure we don’t harm the environment. Bio- boxes are environmentally responsible packaging, they are made using a bi-product from the sugar cane industry. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable. More importantly they stop your fish and chips sweating so you can enjoy them even after a drive home.


The choice of oil we cook your food in is so important to the taste and quality of our finished product. We have chosen to fry in fully sustainable palm oil. It is certified by NEODA ( National Edible Oils Distribution Association ). We also didn’t want to alienate any of our customers so it is fully vegetarian and gluten free.

( if you have an allergy please state when placing your order )


Unfortunately many of our customers suffer from allergies, in our shop we have a chart which indicated which menu items may effect certain allergy groups, for info please call us or visit our shop. As part of our commitment to cater for allergy groups we hold regular gluten free nights. These are currently fortnightly and more info on these can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages.